Short Film

Project Brief.

This is a personal project of mine that I put together for a short film competition in 2019.

The story began when I was a young aspiring filmmaker I'd just bought a 'skate handle' for my camera and wanted to test it out. With the help of my mate Gatkhor, we made what ended up being a funny video called 'Almost Pro'.

Click here to watch the original video.

This new edition follows ‘Sebastian Delirant’ (Jayden Younger), an 'Almost Pro' singer/song-writer through his music journey, Uber driving and what's next for him.


Film/Edit: Dominic Hook

Produced: Dominic Hook, Jayden Younger, Meghan Fiddler

Talent: Jayden Younger, Connor Huntly, Meghan Fiddler

Set Design: Will Hook