Who am I?


My name is Dominic Hook and I'm a Melbourne based photographer & filmmaker, taking on any job that comes my way!

I started off young. At age 10, I purchased my very own video camera after making videos with my brothers for years on an old point and shoot camera our Dad bought overseas. From there, I explored different cameras and techniques, teaching myself to edit and how to take photos on a DSLR. After learning as much as I could on my own, I undertook a Diploma of photo imaging at Melbourne's CATC Design School where I not only gained a great amount of knowledge, but some highly valuable industry contacts. 

These days I am freelancing for companies such as Tourism New Zealand, Specialized Bicycle Components, Canonndale Bicycles, Sram Australia, Australian Mountain Bike Magazine, Revolution Mountainbike Magazine, Flow Mountainbike and Cyclist Australia/New Zealand etc.

I pride myself on my ability to problem solve in any situation and to create something unique and with a purpose whatever the circumstances.

Please contact me with any projects, ideas or questions you may have!







My name is Dominic Hook, I'm a Melbourne based photographer & filmmaker, here is some of my work from the past few months! To find out more or to get in touch, please visit: www.domhook.com, Or email: dominic@domhook.com
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